My Top 10 Must Have Items for the Hospital Bag.

The weeks leading up to your baby’s arrival is full of excitement and questions. With our first daughter, I believe my husband and I had three separate bags for the hospital stay. Needless to say, it was frustrating and we literally “had no time for that”.

Fast forward three years, and it is time to begin preparing for the arrival of baby number two! This time, however, we stuck to one bag.

During my recovery at the hospital, it seemed as though every time a nurse would come in to check on me, they ALL had something to say about the contents of my hospital bag. They bragged, and it truly boosted my ego. So here are my 10 MUST HAVES for your hospital bag.


  1. Stress Away Essential Oil – Seriously…. you need this oil. The amount of Young Living products I used during labor/delivery/recovery is a blog post all on its own. Stress Away was definitely my favorite. 1-2 drops on my neck, or I would simply inhale the goodness from the bottle. untitled2. THIS NURSING TANK! This nursing tank was actually a gift to me by one of the most precious souls on the planet. It is super easy to take down the straps, but your ladies will not just pop out if you make the wrong move. It is also snug enough to feel supported. I am how they say, “blessed” up top, and a large works perfect for me. 61z4ALuhdbL._AC_AC_SR98,95_

3. The Die Hard Collection You’re going to be sitting a lot; might as well binge on some of the greatest movies known to man.


4. Coconut Oil I have been called a “brand snob” many times, but actually, I’m just picky. I am picky about what chemicals go on to our bodies. This coconut oil rates a 0 on the Think Dirty app. Download it here! This coconut oil is perfect for mixing with my oils for a lotion, and it also ROCKS as a nipple cream. It definitely took the worry of my newborn’s sensitive skin away.

51JeCzV8CoL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_5. Yes Please  I will never NOT recommend this book. Seriously, get it. They even have an audio version narrated by Queen Amy herself!

2717c7419258403199e4d7a06cd93074_best6. Yoga Pants I honestly still wear these pants. After the first 24 hours, I was ready to be out of the gown, and feel more like myself. Once I was able to take a shower, this was the first thing I grabbed. They provide a ton of room, and are so comfortable.

18707dc6792a8a4b57941826b3d9cfc4_best7. This Guy During the cooking process, Griffin liked to pop out my ribs, and I would have to have them popped back into place. OUCH! During pregnancy, this was my lifesaver, and it also helped me situate my recovering body after he was born.


8. Boppy A Mama’s best friend! No more tired arms! I got this at my baby shower, and I literally screamed with excitement. How cute is that elephant?!


9. Ice Pack Pads. This didn’t necessarily go into my hospital bag, but a huge box was waiting for me when I got home. Hopefully, your hospital will provide them during your stay, but let’s be honest; you can’t steal too many of these without raising some suspicion. If this is your first baby, trust me, you will have A LOT going on down there, and these ice pack pads were my life during recovery! Get some off Amazon…NOW.

e62c453d3e3c4d09eaed366fab78231a_best10. Going home outfit. I will be honest. While planning out this awesome hospital bag, we forgot one of the most important things…. a going home outfit. I know, I know…. The nurse came in and said, “If you want to get him dressed while dad gets the car, you can.” Confidently I said, “Babe, hand me the baby’s clothes.” Nothing. Luckily for us, we had an unopened baby gift with some clothes in them. Don’t be like me….pack the baby some clothes!

That’s all, folks! These 10 items were my everything during my stay in the hospital, and once I got home. I hope this brings some clarification to the many questions running through your mind. At the end of the day, you will be bringing home the most amazing gift that will probably scream a lot. Rest up because your world is about to be rocked. YOU GOT THIS! ❤




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