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It’s a Wonderful Lifestyle – Why I use Essential Oils

In March of 2014, I was in recovery after my second foot surgery. With surgery, comes pain, and with pain, comes pain management. During my recovery, I was taking two Percocet every four hours on the dot. The first few days were fine. Then my body began to react to the medication. I was never hungry, my digestion was completely out of whack, I felt like vomiting every time I took it, and I became extremely emotional. I remember bursting into tears because my husband (who was taking care of me, our daughter, and working full time) did not feel like making dinner. A brand new iPad showed up at my door that I do not remember ordering, with a credit card I do not remember opening. After a few weeks of that nonsense, I knew there had to be something better. I knew I had friends who used essential oils, but I did not fully understand them completely. So I sent my friend a quick message. She immediately wrote back, and then we talked on the phone for a while. She shared with me her story, and I could hear the sincerity in her voice. She also shared why she was so confident in Young Living’s product.  She even went as far as driving to my house to go over every oil individually. Once I was able to get back to work, I purchased my Young Living Premium  Starter Kit.

Once it arrived, I was so excited to open it! The first thing I did was put Joy into the diffuser. That evening, my husband (the skeptic), looked at me and said, ” What do you have in that diffuser? I don’t know why, but I just feel good, ya know? ” I smiled, and replied, “I know.” Once I explained the oils to him, he was hooked as well. Headache? Stomach bug? Period cramps? Cold? Acne? Baby can’t sleep? Let’s see if an oil will help first! Nine times out of ten, we found an oil that supported anything we needed. If we were home, the diffuser was on full blast! Oils then became a part of our daily routine.

I then began doing research on how oils can support woman’s health, and oils specifically known for women’s reproductive system ( I had always struggled with that time of the month). I purchased the oils I wanted to try, and added them to my daily routine as well. I found relief in my cycles about two weeks after using them. Then five weeks later, I found out that I was seven weeks pregnant. I was in a whole new ball game after that!

Let me answer the most common questions in advance. Yes, I used them while pregnant. Yes, my doctor knew. Yes, I used them cautiously. Yes, I had a support system to always ask any question that I had. Yes, I did as much research as humanly possible. I also did CrossFit up until I was 9 months pregnant (that typically sounds more “crazy” than using essential oils while pregnant.) My goal was to use them to aid in a natural childbirth. I did most of my labor at home, and I used them to give me some relief during the contractions. Once at the hospital, I was offered the epidural, and I did indeed take it. HOWEVER! I am proud to say, they did not put any pain medication into the epidural due to an allergic reaction I had with my first child. So my epidural was strictly a numbing agent. It wasn’t all natural, but it was as natural as I wanted at that time. Labor, and the care thereafter, was easy as pie!

Now fast forward six months, and oils are still in my family’s daily routine. I stand by these products today even more than I did in 2014. I’m not saying they can fix every single problem, but, Young Living Essential Oils have been a great blessing to myself, and my loved ones.

Everyone has a story, and this is mine. I thank you for taking the time to read through it, and it would be my honor to share further!




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