Give Me My Mountain!

If you have ever built or bought your own home, you know it is the most stressful time of your life! Especially, when you’re pregnant,with a toddler, freshly married, working full-time, and twenty-five years old. They didn’t teach “Buying your first home 101” where I went to school.

Jeremy and I got married in September, and found out I was pregnant in November. Suddenly, our tiny two bedroom home got a lot smaller. We needed a bigger home, and we needed it soon!

So the hunt was on! Thankfully, we had wonderful people in our corner. My Nanny is a real estate agent, and held our hands the whole way. I know this is a luxury most people do not receive. We looked…and looked….and looked. Some were too old, some smelt horribly, some we would love and it would be snatched out from us at the last-minute. It was extremely discouraging. Again, our family was only getting bigger by the day.

I would stay up at night and worry that I would have to bring my new baby home to a tiny living space, and he would have to share a room with his sister. I even had a secret Pinterest page dedicated to a tiny two person bedroom.

Fast forward to the end of February, and Nanny gets a phone call about Beckett Drive. When she told me about it, the name sounded perfect. I thought “hmmm Beckett Drive…yeah, I could live on Beckett Drive.” Then I found out the fabulous low price in our price range. When I heard the great deal, I was terrified something would be wrong with it. I put the address in my GPS and took off. Once in the subdivision, I noticed all of the houses were extremely nice! I walked up the steps, and up to the living room. It was small, but I saw myself living there. I walked through each room, and thinking about what I could do with this house. I go to the basement, and call Jeremy. I believe my exact words were, “It’s kinda small, but I love it. I think we should put in an offer”We knew a house like this would not stay on the market long so we made an offer. After what seemed like a million days, we got the call that our offer had been accepted!

Then all the fun began…due diligence. Home inspections, credit reports, bank statements, FHA, PMI, APR, CNN, FBI, ABC, HBO, and the list goes on and on. Then we started hitting minor speed bumps. The closing costs went up a few thousand, and our monthly payment calculations were WAY off! Again, thanks to the people in our corner, we made it all work.

One week from closing and our loan officer calls and says, “We are just now going to underwriting.” WHAT?!? Just now?!? So we had to push our closing. We had to push our closing so many times, the seller could have easily backed out and taken our earnest money.

It is now the end of March and I go with my family on a vacation. I was reassured that we would close that Friday. Friday came around, with no closing.





Then came Wednesday, and I got yet another phone call. “We did our calculations wrong, you need to prove that you have three more months worth of mortgage payments, plus all of your closing costs. It can’t be a gift from someone else. It has to be your money.”UGHHH that would have been nice to know!! It felt like a ton of bricks were just dropped on me. Luckily, I was able to talk to Nanny. We talked and came up with so many solutions that just wouldn’t work. There was no way I could come up with more money. The down payment alone was draining us!

I always feel better after talking to Nanny, but this was quite possibly the first time I didn’t. I then had to call Jeremy and tell him we were going to have to start our house hunting process all over again. Let me remind you, I am SIX months pregnant at this point. It took us three months to get here, and we did not have another three months. Jeremy probably said the perfect thing to me, but I was too wrapped up to remember it.

Once I hung up the phone with Jeremy, I opened Pinterest and began looking at ideas for sharing bedrooms. Then the tears began to flow. In my sobs, I couldn’t help but ask why! This is MY house! I want it! I’ve followed every step, and I have done everything right! I want THIS house. In my part anger, part sadness, and part desperation I began to pray. I will never forget the exact words I prayed that day. ” God, I come to you like Caleb. This is MY mountain. I want THIS mountain. I have done everything I can do for this mountain, and I need you to do your part. GIVE ME MY MOUNTAIN!”


On Wednesday night, McCartney was scared, so she got in bed with me and we watched an episode of Mickey Mouse. The whole episode was about Mickey buying a new house. It made my stomach turn. Eventually the house starts going crazy, and Mickey runs away to be in his old house. The last lines of the story were, “As sleep came to his head, the furnace it clanked, rattled, and shocked. The shutters flew back, they slammed, and they knocked. The wind whistled, and the chimney moaned. But Mickey didn’t stir because he knew he was home.” I squeezed my baby girl as much as my pregnant belly would allow and I began to drift off. Not before smiling and saying, “I’m thankful, and content….but I still want my mountain!”

I will spare all boring details, but I got a call on Thursday afternoon from my loan officer. She said, “I think I made the numbers work. Sellers can close on Friday if you can.” Ummm?? YES!! I was still out of the state, so I had appointed a POA from when we were suppose to close the first time.

That next day, Jeremy was given the keys to our new house, and moved us in while I was traveling home.

It has been seven months since we have moved into our mansion, and I still love walking up the eight steps to┬áthe porch, and the eight steps to the living room. I love that my daughter has a bathtub, and my son has his own room. If you’ve never used a garbage disposal (I hadn’t), it is amazing!!

I love my mountain, and I know this will not be my last one. In fact, I’m looking forward to the many mountains I will claim in my future. When I’m ready to claim my next mountain, well…let’s just say I know a guy.



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