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Because it’s Wednesday…

As I give my three-year old a bath, I can’t help but notice my dark eyes in the mirror as I pass by. I listen to my little girl play and she tells me, “Mommy, you were gone today, but you came back.” I can’t help but feel the guilt begin to surge through me. While she plays in the tub, I give the baby a bottle and he falls right to sleep. Part of me is relieved because I can get things ready for the next day. The other part, however, wants him to stay up so we can play. As I start getting my things together, I talk to my husband for what seems like only ten seconds before I get a notification on my phone that reads, “Get to bed now for seven hours of sleep.” UGH! Over already?!

I kiss my little girl and send her off to bed. I finish getting my things together. Lunch? Check. Gym Bag? Check. Breast Pump? Check. Ok, time to snuggle up.After watching a few shows, the baby gets up and my husband happily gets him. Again, waves of guilt. I want to rock my baby, but my body needs sleep. 4:45am comes way too early, and I roll out of bed. I pass my sleeping baby and wonder if he will ever hate me for working so much. I quickly let go of that thought as my coffee brews. After I’m ready, I give my husband a kiss and send my love to my babies, (I dare not wake them).

I then grab my bags, yes, I need multiple bags to get through my day. As I tip toe down the stairs, and open the front door, I am slightly annoyed at the chilly breeze on my face. I load up my many bags in the front seat of my car. When I speed out of the driveway, all of my bags hit the floorboard. As I look at them I can’t help but smile. My bags that get me through my day. They are the bags of a hard-working wife, mother, woman, daughter, sister, and friend. My children will never call me lazy, nor will they ever think I never had time for them. My husband knows I love him with every fiber of my being, and I know he loves me just as much. I have the most amazing support system, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I’m a full-time wife, mother, employee, student, and athlete; and in all honesty, I’m rocking it! It’s easy to forget how much I actually do, but I am so fortunate to have people remind me daily.

So since today is indeed Wednesday, I nominate myself, and all other working Mommies to be our own Woman Crush Wednesday!


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