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How to Bake a Cake with Disappointment

You have your recipe, and you have the will power. You stare at your recipe in excitement thinking, “This is it!” “This is going to be great! “You begin to add in your sweet ingredients; you’ve got your hopes, dreams, and your work ethic. You anticipate the treat you are about to enjoy. You deserve a sweet treat!

Then you realize your recipe calls for something undesirable; disappointment. You hold it in your hand, and think, “This is slimy, it does not belong in my cake! I put everything  nice I have into this cake!” You reluctantly crack it open and put it in with your once sweet ingredients. You immediately wash your hands in attempt to get rid of the disappointment. You begin to wonder how something so disgusting will fit into this once beautiful cake. Maybe you should just quit?

Finally, you decide to make do with the disappointment. You then begin to mix your ingredients. As you watch the disappointment slime its way around your hopes and dreams, you begin to notice a change. The disappointment turns into determination. Then that determination begins to hold all of your ingredients together. Your cake doesn’t look as bad as it did before.

When you’re almost finished, your batter is thick and can sometimes be hard to stir, but you press on. Now it is time to add the heat. You watch as your well mixed ingredients rise and form a beautiful cake.

You let it cool, and cut a slice. As you sit down to take your first bite you laugh and think, “You can’t bake a cake without disappointment.”

ps The amazing cake pictured above was made by Simply Sweet by Jessica. If you’re in the northern Michigan area give her a visit. Www.simplysweetbyjessica.com


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